Paper presentation/conference Workshop
Pang, W.Y. J., and Cheng, L. (2023). Acceptance of gamified virtual reality environments by older adults. Educational Gerontology. Advanced online publication.
Pang, W.Y. J., Leung, B.W., & Cheng, L. (2022). The motivational effects and educational affordance of serious games on the learning of Cantonese Opera movements. International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction. Advanced online publication.
Pang, W.Y. J., & Hou Y. A. (in press). Technology-enhanced student-centric learning in information and multimedia technologies in the new normal era. In C. Hong & W. W. K. Ma (Eds.), Applied Degree Education and the Future of Learning. Springer Nature.  
Cheng, L., & Pang, W.Y. J. (2020, December). Experiencing interactive design in undergraduate general education. Paper presented at the International Conference on Learning and Teaching 2020, Hong Kong, China
Cheng, L., & Pang, W.Y. J., Lee, O. L., & Chan, H.S. (2020, November), Virtual reality (VR) rehabilitation gaming design. Paper presented at the International Conference on Gerontechnology, Hong Kong, China
FUNDED Project
2021 - Project Leader, Gamified software development through project-based learning approach, THEi
2019 - Project Leader, The study on creative learning with making activities (HKFYG)
2019 - Project Leader, Trait,  Visual Arts Education and Community Development Project. CCA, EDUHK
2021 – Virtual reality (VR) game development for well begin in pain management 
2020 – No Kidding! HKDA Kids Design Thinking Awards
2020 – Virtual reality (VR) game development for rehabilitation training
2020 – Curator, Design X Technology Project, HKDA and HKSPT
2019 – Tracing with Ink (Interactive Art wall)    
2019 – Immersive Dialogue (Media Art)  
2017 – Augment teaching experience with the indoor positioning system
2016 – HKDFA – The 2nd HK-SZ Design Biennale
2015 – Mentor of HKDA Mentorship program
2015 – Sub-committee member of education, HKDA
2014 – Greenpeace Arctic/Climate Truck Promotion
2014 – Greenpeace Arctic Project (Polar Bear)
2013 – Greenpeace Forest Project (Sumatran Tiger / Palm Oil)

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